A great time at the 2018 Yale Center for Cultural Sociology Conference!


This past weekend, I greatly enjoyed participating in and attending the 2018 Yale Center for Cultural Sociology Conference. This year’s theme was “Explaining Culture/Culture Explains.” In addition to chairing a session entitled, “The Signifying State,” I also presented on a panel with Till Hilmar (Yale) and Ian Sheinheit (SUNY Albany) called “Narrating the Self, Narrating Society.” My presentation “Shared Revelations: Charismatic Performance in the Bernie 2016 Campaign,” outlines a project I have in the works on Senator Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential run. Jason Mast served as the discussant.

It was a great weekend meeting scholars from around the world who are affiliated with the Yale Cultural Sociology Center, and I especially enjoyed hearing from our plenary speaker, Lisa McCormick.

Anne Taylor