Do you know how old Oprah was when she started hosting her own show?


Thirty-two years old. Sometimes I feel like I am lost - nearly 10 years out of undergraduate experience, two years into a PhD program, no kids yet, far away from home, and a bit untethered. I ask myself, am I on the right path? Am I successful? Am I failing? But knowing that Oprah was 32 years old - my age - when she started her show, not even at the height of its popularity, but merely got the chance to begin, is eye opening.

We often fall into the comparison trap. We look around at our peers, and we forget the larger landscape.

And a lot of us who are earnest and curious and hopeful and passionate can end up feeling directionless or alone when we try to fit ourselves to a certain standard, or compare ourselves to others.

We all matter. We have important work to do that is unique to us.

And that is my goal here, with this blog. To not only step more fully into myself, and do the uniquely important work that I came here to this life to do, but to also help others realize their own vision, too.

There are many wonderful teachers in the world like Oprah. Some are spiritual, some are sports coaches, some are writers, and some are from our youth (like my eighth grade history teacher, Mr. Rosato). I want to teach because I have and have had great teachers. I want to walk along side my students - and my readers who I hope to teach through my writing - as they work to create direction for their own curiosities, to live their passions, and help others.

This blog is about some of the curiosities and stories I am most passionate about - religion, spirituality, travel, health, community, and culture.

Each week, I will post about these topics. Though I am an academic, and will occasionally share news about my doctoral journey, or links to academic publications, I write here on this blog as if we are in the classroom, talking and asking questions. No academic jargon, no specialist language. This is an inclusive space where it is okay to say, “I don’t know,” to be afraid, to be emotional, to question well-worn truths, and to hope. Here, we learn together.

Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to learning with you.


Anne TaylorComment