Quick facts...

  • Originally from Boulder, Colorado

  • Married to Spencer, a mechanical engineer and CrossFit coach.

  • I am studying for fluency in Italian

  • I rode my bike from San Diego to Seattle in 2010




In the fall of 2017, I joined the Department of Sociology at Yale University as a doctoral student. I just finished my second year.

My work blends cultural sociology and comparative-historical methods to study religion and politics, specifically interactions between Protestant Christian communities and political structures in American society. My master’s thesis examines charismatic communities during the Great Awakening in New England through the lens of social performance theory.

Currently, I am a Junior Fellow at the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology, as well as a Junior Fellow for the Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society at the Yale MacMillan Center. I also am a regular participant in the Yale Comparative Research weekly workshop.


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